Terms and conditions by Ventura Tours Kyrgyzstan travel company. Last updated: March 20, 2021.

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before using our services.

Dear traveller! On this page we are willing to introduce You to our Terms and Conditions which in fact form the entire agreement between You and our company regarding the use of our services (tours in Kyrgyzstan, visa support, land transfers, etc.)

By accessing and using the Ventura Tours Kyrgyzstan website You agree to be bound by our Terms and Conditions. If You disagree with any part of these Terms and Conditions then You may not access the services.


When booking a tour or any other experience within our website You are assuming a full responsibility for the accuracy of all the provided information and payment on your own behalf and on behalf of your family or members of your group. When making a booking, You must pay the full price indicated in the tour description (or discuss the alternative options of payment with the company). As soon as we receive a booking You will be notified with the confirmation via email or phone call. As soon as your payment arrives at our bank account You will receive the invoice and other applicable details of the tour

Cancellation & Refund policy

Sometimes travellers are forced by various circumstances to cancel their tours and experiences. We, at Ventura Tours Kyrgyzstan, absolutely understand it. And for those unforeseen circumstances we have worked out a very flexible and loyal system of cancellations for You. As to us, in order to insure ourselves against any unexpected losses of incomes we sometimes have to withhold a certain sum from the cancelled tours. This happens due to several reasons like: arrangement with our suppliers, drivers and guides, occupancy of your seat on the tour, reservations on your behalf in hotels, etc. We appreciate your understanding, thank you!

However, in case of any extremity we reserve the right to cancel the tour ourselves if we reckon it’s better for your safety. This may occur in the following situations: natural disasters (earthquake, flood, storm, hurricane, etc.), political instability (revolution, riots, etc.), epidemic or pandemic hazard, etc. In those cases, of course, all travellers will be given 100% refunds.

Below is the list of our cancellation & refund rules regarding the different categories of our products.

One day tours: Free cancellation up to 24 hours prior to the start time of the tour. This means that we will give You a 100% refund if You send your cancellation request to us (due to any reason whatsoever) at least 24 hours in advance before the tour starts. If your cancellation request surpasses that time limitation (23, 22, 21 hours etc.) then no refund will be made.

Multi-day tours (private): Free cancellation up to 10 days prior to the start time of the tour.

  • 9-7 days before the tour – 50% of the prepay will be refunded
  • 6-4 days before the tour – 30% of the prepay will be refunded
  • 3-1 days before the tour – no refund will be provided

Fixed-date tours (group): Free cancellation up to 25 days prior to the start time of the tour.

  • 24-20 days before the tour – 50% of the prepay will be refunded
  • 19-15 days before the tour – 30% of the prepay will be refunded
  • 14-1 days before the tour – no refund will be provided

Travel Insurance & Safety

Safety of our travellers is crucial for us. Therefore, Travel Insurance is an indispensable condition when booking with us. By signing up for the services of Ventura Tours Kyrgyzstan You attest your obligation of obtaining the Travel Insurance for the whole duration of your trip to Kyrgyzstan. This step of precaution will spare You numerous potential problems and unpleasant situations like: loss of your luggage, belongings or money, physical injuries, any sort of illnesses and accidents (including repatriation) and much more. Please note that Ventura Tours Kyrgyzstan company does not assume liability for any of those aspects. When booking the services on our website You agree to provide us with the copy of your Travel Insurance upon request.

On-tour details:


When conducting any kind of tours in Kyrgyzstan, we use the services of our experienced, professional drivers on the clean, comfortable and air-conditioned vehicles. The size and type of those vehicles depend on the number of persons in a group. It may be a sedan/saloon, crossover, SUV (four wheel drive) for the private tours. And a minibus or a coach bus for the group tours. Depending on the number of travellers in a group, Ventura Tours Kyrgyzstan reserves the right to change the type of transportation at our own discretion.


When conducting the Fixed-Date Group Tours in Kyrgyzstan, all our travellers stay in the hotels we partner with. Among them are the 2*, 3*, 4* and 5* hotels, guest houses, private apartments and yurt camps

Hotels and guest houses: Solo travellers embarking on the tour will be accommodated in a twin-sharing or double room with another same-gender traveller, unless he opts to pay the additional supplement for a single accommodation (read in the tour description). A couple or two persons who booked the tour together will be accommodated in a twin-sharing or double room. Families or groups of friends may request the triple or quad rooms, but please keep in mind that not every hotel can offer that due to its occupancy or size. In case there are no available triple or quad rooms in a hotel, travellers will divide and stay in the double rooms as mentioned above.

Yurt camps: Note that the yurt staying implies sharing with 4-6 persons. Families and groups of friends will stay together in one yurt (if the number of persons is more than 4). The couples may pay the additional supplement to occupy the whole yurt (if available). Solo travelers will share the yurt with the other same-gender travellers.


Despite the fact that the traditional Kyrgyz cuisine consists mainly of meat, our national food has so much intertwined with the other cultures that nowadays You will find an abundance of choice for yourself. The meals that are indicated in the tour itineraries include Kyrgyz, Russian and European cuisines. Vegetarian and vegan options can also be catered on our tours but please keep in mind that in some places and regions of Kyrgyzstan vegetarian food is supposed to be the food without meat and fish and may differ from what You are used to. So please make sure to specify these details with your guides on the tour. The specific religious dietary meals can be arranged in some places as well.

Eligibility, Age & Medical conditions

If You have any special requirements regarding the age, medical condition or disability of yourself or any of the members of your group, please let us know before booking the tour. In that case we will try our best to meet your requirements and facilitate your trip appropriately where possible.

If You are a minor (whose age is under 18 years old) You are not eligible to book or embark on any tour without an accompanying parent or guardian who assumes the full responsibility for You.

All our clients agree to accept and follow the decisions of our guides, tour-leaders or persons in charge of the tour.

On-tour rules & Behaviour

If at some point of the ongoing tour You decide to quit it or leave for home due to any reason of yours, there will be no refund of the tour price. However in some special cases this may be discussed over with the company’s representatives.

Please remember that there always exist the norms of etiquette and standards of behaviour on the Group Tours. In case You fail to maintain the acceptable behaviour or appear as a potential threat to the safety of the whole tour or to any member of the group, we reserve a full right to exclude You from one day or from the whole tour. On that occasion no refund of the tour price will be provided.

Our partners and suppliers possess a full right to terminate your stay in their hotels, resorts, guest houses, etc., with no refund, if your conduct goes beyond the acceptable. Also, those suppliers may require a payment if You have broken or damaged any of their property. All travellers embarking on our tours are expected to be respectful to and obey the laws of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Tour prices

Ventura Tours Kyrgyzstan reserves the right to alter the tour prices on our website at any time before your booking has been made. This act may be enforced by several factors like: inflation, currency fluctuation, increase of our own profit margin, etc.

Final arrangements & Travel documents

We strongly suggest You to make sure that all your travel documents and papers are in order before departing for the tour. It is your full responsibility to see about arranging the relevant documents like: Visa, Travel Insurance, Flight tickets, Passport, etc. Ventura Tours Kyrgyzstan is always glad to assist You in the pre-tour process, but remember that our assistance is only a guidance. Please note that in case You will not be allowed to travel to Kyrgyzstan due to the failure or incorrectness of your documents then the tour cancellation procedure will be performed in the normal way.

You can always refer to our Visa Support service and get help from the specialists regarding your eligibility for visa-free entry, e-visa and the Letter of Invitation (LOI).

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