Hello, dear traveler! We are thrilled that you’re here! My name is Askhat Bigell (also Ash), I’m the founder and guide at Ventura Tours Kyrgyzstan, a travel company based in Bishkek. Well, let me introduce you to a brief background behind us:

“The story of ours goes back to 2017, when a young freelance guide conducted tours in Kyrgyzstan independently, but occasionally also worked for other travel companies.Yes, that guide was me. As time was passing I got to learn the ins and outs of the tourism industry but wasn’t really happy with the service level out there. So, the decision was obvious and strict: to find like-minded guides and launch our own tour company with a high service level. When I found those appropriate-quality guides it took us 3 more years to gain some extra skills before we gave our enterprise the first official go. And today I’m proudly saying that the time didn’t pass in vain. Now, with years of solid experience in the industry Ventura Tours Kyrgyzstan team is always ready to provide a stunning tour for you and your family.

Our team is represented by a crew of young, experienced and tourism-inspired guides and drivers. Each of us is at any time glad to accompany you around our magnificent country and take you to any chosen destination! We’re always on the road of constant exploration and evolving to make every tour of yours even more breathtaking!”

So thanks for your time and attention! If you feel like we’re good for you don’t hesitate to contact us or book your tour. Faithfully yours, Ventura Tours Kyrgyzstan…

Our team


Askhat (Ash)

Guide. Experience: 3 years

“Balancing between informative and funny”

Aimeerim (Aimer)

Tour manager, guide. Experience: 4 years

“A dream-companion with a smile of the sun”


Guide. Experience: 4 years

“Life of the party, model and actress”


Guide. Experience: 3 years

“Perpetual romantic and a perfect storyteller”


Driver. License category: B, C, D.
Experience: 20 years

“Several times was offered the Formula 1 deal but he preferred working with us”


Driver. License category: A, B, C, D.
Experience: 12 years

“A great, responsible and professional driver who grew up on watching the Fast & Furious…”


Driver. License category: A, B, C, D. Experience: 30 years

“A highly responsible man with a great sense of humour”