As a well seasoned traveler having visited 70+ countries and participating in countless tours, I can honestly say this was one of the most memorable for all the right reasons. The hike was spectacular. Everything went very smoothly from the pickup to the hike itself and the drop-off. The scenery on the hike was spectacular. The views of the valley were amazing and the waterfall was very cool to see and made a nice end to the hike. The hike itself was a little steep in places but it is not too difficult if you take it slow. After the hike, the stop at the local Kyrgaz restaurant for a small meal of traditional Kyrgaz food was an excellent touch and a very tasty end to the hike. The guide (Ash) was particularly good. He was much quicker going up and down but never got too far ahead. He was also very informative and helpful providing insight and a few recommendations of things to do back in Bishkek. At the end of the hike, they really went above and beyond by giving me a ride to my next hotel as I was changing hotels that day.