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Well, this is literally the one and only tour in Kyrgyzstan you’ll ever need if you have a bit more than a week for your vacation… We, at Ventura Tours Central Asia sat down at the table with an intention to create a masterpiece tour in our country. The benchmark of Kyrgyzstan’s representation. Therefore the aim was to come up with something unique and elaborate yet simple and universal…something not so long but so full of experiences and thrills…versatile, extreme yet safe, adventurous and cultural, wild and fancy, active but also relaxed. For the awesome ones! For everyone! For yourself…

Grab this journey and get ready for the blast – because Ventura Tours team is about to take you through the dreamland! 


What to expect from this tour:

1) A LLOT of nature: mountains, canyons, gorges, alpine lakes, waterfalls, summer pastures, high mountain passes, forests, rivers and more. 

2) Numerous awesome activities: White river rafting, horseback riding, ship cruising on the second largest alpine lake of the world, hiking and trekking, off-road rides on SUVs, motorboat rides, eagle hunting and archery. 

3) Authentic Kyrgyz experiences: Sleeping 3 nights in yurts (traditional nomadic housing) during the trip, tasting the delicious local cuisine, watching a Kyrgyz family’s folklore concert, learning about our history and Silk Road. 

4) And last but not least: spending some quality time with the badass Ventura Tours crew and your tour mates. 


Tour details:

Duration: 8 days / 8 nights

Level of difficulty: easy-moderate

Tour type: mini group tour (6-12 people) 

Transport type: Comfortable 4*4 SUV or mini bus


Fixed dates for summer 2024 and 2025:

1) June 1 – June 8 

2) June 25 – July 2

3) July 6 – July 13

4) July 24 – July 31

5) August 5 – August 12

6) August 25 – September 1 


Price: USD 1500 per person – all inclusive package


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Day by day itinerary 


1 day

Bishkek - Chon Kemin valley - Kok Moinok canyon - Cholpon Ata town

Highlights: Horseback riding, white river rafting, hiking in the canyon.

In the morning we’re setting off from Bishkek and driving towards the picturesque Chon Kemin valley (150km). Here we’re going to embark on a beautiful horseback voyage uphill till the panoramic spot overlooking the whole valley (2,5 hours both ways). Return back down. Lunch in the loveliest restaurant amidst the valley with a 360 view. Getting back to the car and moving on. Halfway before the exit from Chon Kemin we are going to embark on a breathtaking rafting down the famous Chu river (1,5 hours). Let’s get some adrenaline! Meeting our cars down on the main road. Moving on. Visiting the nearby Kok Moinok canyon for a light but enjoyable hike with some otherworldly views. Resuming the road and heading to the legendary Issyk Kul - Kyrgyzstan’s pride and the second largest alpine lake in the world. (1,5 hours). Arrival in Cholpon Ata (central town of Issyk Kul’s north coast). Dinner in a restaurant. Check in to a hotel (Olimp 3* or similar). Free time. Overnight.

2 day

Cholpon Ata - Grigoriev gorge - Semyonov gorge - Karakol town - Ak Suu village

Highlights: Ship cruising on the second largest alpine lake of the world, swimming, hiking in the mountains, relaxing in hot spring pools

Waking up in Cholpon Ata. After breakfast we’re heading to the local dock to start a lovely private ship ride on Issyk Kul lake (2 hours). Cruising and evaluating the immense scale of the lake, contemplating the mountains on the horizon and swimming with life jackets at the depth of 120m. Return back to the dock. Driving along the north coast towards Karakol town. On the way, we’re visiting the two mountainous gorges: Grigoriev and Semyonov. Lunch. Off-road drive and hiking up the mountains to discover a small hidden green lake (2,5 hours both ways). Tea time on the vast green pastures. Moving on. Arrival in Karakol (a town between the north and south coasts of Issyk Kul lake). Check in to a hotel (78 or similar). Rest time. Now we’re driving to the neighboring village Ak Suu to relax in the hot spring pools that are located at a river bank close to a forest. It will be a lovely touch after such an active day. Return to Karakol. Dinner in a restaurant. Overnight.

3 day

Karakol - Ski base - Jeti Oguz valley - Karakol

Highlights: Cable car up to 3040 meters, cultural excursion, horseback riding, hiking up to a waterfall

Today we’re exploring Karakol and its surroundings. In the morning, heading to the best ski resort of the country. Here, the cable car will take us to the height of 3040m. Walking on the plateau and enjoying the views of snow capped mountain peaks, Issyk Kul lake and alpine meadows. Return back to Karakol. Short city excursion. Lunch in a restaurant. Now we’re moving to the famous Jeti Oguz valley (Seven Bulls). Driving deep into the valley through several river bridges we’ll arrive at “jailoo” (alpine pasture). Here we’re going to saddle up local horses and go uphill till the lovely Maiden Braids waterfall (1,5 hours both ways). Tea time out in nature. Return back to Karakol. Rest time at the hotel. Dinner in a restaurant and a bit of partying (optional). Overnight.

4 day

Karakol - Barskoon valley - Arabel mountain pass - Skazka canyon - Bel Tam yurt camp

Highlights: 3800 meters high mountain pass, hiking, folklore concert, yurt camp

Today we’re moving along the south coast of Issyk Kul lake. Visiting the picturesque Barskoon valley. Driving up a serpentine road towards mountains we’re reaching a high mountain plateau Arabel (3800m above sea level). Walking around and exploring numerous small ponds. Descending back to Barskoon. Hiking uphill to see the 3 waterfalls. Picnic in the valley (lunch boxes). Moving on. Visiting the magnificent Skazka (Fairy Tale) canyon for a fascinating walk. Driving to the nearby yurt camp Bel Tam, that’s located on the wild beach of Issyk Kul lake. Check in to yurts. The camp has all necessary facilities like: showers, toilets, laundry, bar. Dinner in a big kitchen yurt. Here we’ll be visited by a local Kyrgyz family of artists. They will perform national old songs and play the traditional Kyrgyz instruments. Now it’s a chill time! Let’s gather up outside and make a big bonfire. Relaxing and enjoying the evening. Overnight.

5 day

Bel Tam - Ak Sai village - Canyon of Forgotten Rivers - Orto Tokoi reservoir - Naryn town

Highlights: Eagle hunting and archery, hiking, picnic on a beach, swimming

Today we’re transitioning onto another region of Kyrgyzstan - Naryn - the closest one to China. In the morning we’re heading to the neighboring village Ak Sai. Here we’re going to witness a spectacular eagle hunting process. You will learn almost everything about this traditional Kyrgyz way of hunting and also participate yourself in the archery part. Don’t worry, during the hunt we only use an artificial animal's carcass as a prey. Now we’re driving towards the Canyon of Forgotten Rivers. A beautiful, light hike up to the panorama. Picnic on the wild beach. Swimming in Issyk Kul once again and saying goodbye to this fairy region. It’s time to move on. Passing by Orto Tokoi reservoir on the way. Arrival in Naryn town. Check in to a hotel (Khan Tengri 4* or similar). Rest time. Dinner in a restaurant. Overnight. Tomorrow is going to be even more exciting!

6 day

Naryn - Kel Suu lake

Highlights: Off-road drive, motorboat ride on the alpine lake Kel Suu, bonfire time, yurt camp

Today we’re heading to another top destination of Kyrgyzstan - Kel Suu lake. It’s a remote alpine lake located close to the Chinese border. Driving 100km off-road. Passing through the border checkpoint with special permits. Arrival at Kel Suu. Lunch. Check in to a guesthouse. Now, we’re embarking on a horseback ride to the lake itself (1,5 hours one way). Reaching Kel Suu and exploring this magical nature’s creation on a motorboat, gliding along the turquoise water, through the rocky mountains on both sides. Personal time for enjoying the place. Return back to the camp. Dinner. Bonfire time under the starry sky… Overnight.

7 day

Kel Suu - Son Kol lake

Highlights: Off-road drive, mountain passes, Horseback riding on the meadows of Son Kol

Today we’re transferring from the out-of-this-world alpine lake to another magnificent alpine lake - Son Kol (3000m above sea level). Driving from Kel Suu to Naryn town. Lunch in a restaurant. Moving on over the beautiful mountains pass to Son Kol. Arrival and check in to a yurt camp. Horseback riding time on the vast green meadows (optionally). Free time for exploring Son Kol, here it feels like the edge of the world! Dinner. Bonfire time and counting millions of stars. Overnight.

8 day

Son Kol - Kara Keche mountain pass - Kokomeren river - Suusamyr valley - Too Ashuu mountain pass - Bishkek

Highlights: Off-road drive through the breathtaking mountain passes, Bishkek

Today is the last day of our sumptuous journey however it doesn’t mean the adventure is over. We still have a couple of mountain passes to wade and some valleys to see. Spending some more time at Son Kol in the morning. Setting off and overcoming the Kara Keche mountain pass. Moving along the atmospheric Kokomeren river and doing picnic on its bank. Driving over Too Ashuu mountain pass. Arrival in Bishkek close to the evening time. Check in to a 4* hotel (Ambassador, Solutel or similar). Rest time. Afterwards, we’re gathering up one last time for a farewell dinner within our super team!
Thank you so much for being a part of such an incredible journey! We hope to see you again! Bye!
End of the tour.

Comfortable 4*4 SUV or Mini bus with professional driver throughout the whole tour

 English speaking guide/translator throughout the whole tour 

 Accommodation for 8 nights: double or twin stay in 3* 4* hotels, private yurts (2-4 people inside)

 Meals: 7 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 3 dinners

 All activities due to the program: Horseback riding in Chon Kemin valley (including stable men), White river rafting, Private ship ride on Issyk Kul lake, Hot thermal springs, Ski passes for the cable car in Karakol, Eagle hunting with archery, Kyrgyz family folklore concert, Motorboat on Kel Suu lake, Horseback riding at Son Kol lake

 Admissions: canyons, parks, museums, border permits for Kel Suu lake, etc.

 International flights 

 Health insurance 

 Personal expenses: alcohol, souvenirs, etc.