THE BEST tour agency in Kyrgyzstan

We had the most amazing time in Kyrgyzstan, thanks to Ash (Ashkat). Since the beginning when I contacted Ash everything has been smooth, interesting, clear with a positive vibe. He helped us with everything we needed, he was always responding with detailed replies before our trip, and was never late, and made sure to organize for us everything we needed exactly. We organized with Ash 8 day tour around Kyrgyzstan which included trekking, exploring green valleys, exploring red canyons, and adding some spice of cultural activities. Overall we had the time of our lives there, and everything was organized perfectly. Ash is a very friendly guide, helpful, professional, positive, funny and honest. You will definitely feel that he’s your friend not your guide. He will always do his best and get out of his way to ensure you get the ultimate best service, and I’m glad we chose to organize our tours with Ventura Tours. Also our driver ‘Raim’ has been amazing and friendly, and also our trekking guide Alex has been professional and supportive. All I can say as a summary is “if you’re looking to organize a lifetime trip in Kyrgyzstan look no further than Ventura Tours and Ash, and i can guarantee you an experience that you will never forget”. Thanks Ash and Ventura Tours team for that unforgettable experience.